7 Reasons why a Sport’s Program should be part of a child’s School Holidays

  1. Sports boost self-esteem Children learn to be confident in sport settings and experiencing success from sporting games brings out lots of self-confidence…
  2. Keeps kids active and healthy – Learning/playing multiple sports means children are developing new skills in both team and individual sports…
  3. Playing sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills –Working towards a common goal helps develop communication and problem solving skills that will benefit kids on and off the field.
  4. Kids develop positive lifestyle habits – Regular physical activity improves a child’s fitness and mental health as well as getting them away from video games and out into the fresh air!
  5. Teaches persistence – Nothing comes easy, sport teaches children that success requires multiple efforts that must be repeated.
  6. Make new friends with similar interests – Sports programs bring children together from many different schools and means they make new friends with similar interests
  7. Sport is fun – Sport is inclusive and gives children a group to belong to in a social, friendly and FUN setting.

To enrol or to find out more information about one of Hume’s upcoming Holiday Programs – please click here

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About the author:

Hume Tennis and Community Centre has sports program organized for the upcoming September holidays. There is two program levels happening each day: 4-7 year old and a 7+ program – all of which are tailored to a child’s sporting capabilities.

Before and after care available, opening at 8am daily and closing 6pm.