Universal Tennis Rating – your questions answered

With the new Universal Tennis Rating system being released in Australia, players and families have many questions? Read below to find out everything there is to know about the UTR. How to enter an event? Do I have a rating? What is a UTR rating?

What is the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR)

The UTR is a global match play system that gives tournament and competition players a tennis skill rating.

UTR ratings are on a single 16-point scale (with two decimal places, e.g., 11.29) that works for players globally regardless of their skill level, from beginners to top professional competitors.

UTR rates all players; men, women, and children.

UTR calculates ratings from the last 30 eligible matches played within 12 months.

The main data points are:

  1. The percentage of games won, not simply the win/loss result
  2. The opponent’s rating.

Each match played generates a rating.

A player’s UTR is a weighted average of all eligible matches.

Each time you play another person, the UTR will rate your match and this will go towards your rating.

To Register and find out more: www.myutr.com or https://blog.universaltennis.com/2018/07/03/how-utr-works/

Do I have a UTR?

Anyone who has played a Tennis Australia Tournament will have a UTR.


After you have played a UTR matchplay event you will have a rating.

How can I view my UTR rating or see if I have a UTR rating?

Go to www.myutr.com

Type in your first and last name in the search box at the top of the page

How do I join the UTR?


HUGE News: Coming this June/July 2020 school holidays…Universal Tennis Rating Events to start at Hume Tennis and Community Centre

It is great to be back on the tennis court again!

And while we can be playing and training tournaments may not be back until August. However, what is possible is modified matchplay events and Hume has some great options these upcoming holidays.

Over the June/July school holidays instead of tournaments Hume will offer six days of UTR events. Players can enter one day, multiple days or all days.

At these events is we will be using a new rating system to Australian tennis called the Universal Tennis Rating.

Hume Tennis UTR Events

Hume Tennis is a registered UTR venue – https://app.myutr.com/clubs/10570

Hume Tennis will set up UTR events that players can register for.

At this stage all events will be round robin (multiple matches) and will contain minimal players (4-8 per event) to align with COVID -19 Return to Tennis recommendations.

Results will be put onto the UTR system and each player has a profile where they can see results and rating. Those players who have played Tennis Australia???

Become a Member of Hume Tennis UTR Virtual Club – It’s FREE…

Hume Tennis now has a profile on www.myutr.com and is a registered UTR Club where you can sign up and become a member of the Hume Tennis and Community Centre UTR Club.

It is FREE to join – go to: https://app.myutr.com/clubs/10570 – copy and paste into browser.

Ranking VS Rating

Currently players are ranked, a ranking system is ladder climbing, where you must start from the bottom and slowly progress up.

A rating is always based on performance and games – not winning/losing a match.

The UTR have developed an algorithm that rates players and predicts if players should be winning and the score line.

If you give your best effort each time you play and work on winning as many games as possible this affects your rating.

Why we think this is the best way to go?

Tennis Australia is working with the UTR and endorses the system as it is for (players of all levels) all levels of player from beginner to professional.

This is a great opportunity to get onto the UTR rating early and build your rating up.

Hume can now create plenty of meaningful match play to be played in a COVID-19 friendly way.


Hume will offer UTR match play events over the upcoming school holidays.

WEEK 1 – Cost $25 per day or $60 for 3 days

Wednesday 1st July / Thursday 2nd July / Friday 3rd July

WEEK 2 – Cost $25 per day or $60 for 3 days

Wednesday 8th July  / Thursday 9th July / Friday 10th July


More Questions

If you would like to know more about the UTR please don’t hesitate to contact Kale on tournaments@humetennis.com.au or visit the UTR website: www.myutr.com